That’s jogging with a soft J because it’s slower than walking. Yesterday my dad and Hannah and I went for a “jog”. I’m doing the couch to 5k training plan that I used to learn to run in November 2008. I figure it’ll keep me from overdoing it. Hannah enjoyed being in her fancy jog stroller and looking around. When we got back and Hannah was being held by Poppy she busted out some smiles, very fun.

Then we took the dogs to the park to play fetch, but it started raining so we only stayed for a little bit. Everytime I take them out we have to spend 5+ minutes wiping all the mud off their paws when we get back. I can’t wait till the rainy season is over. I’d like someone to invent something I can stick their paws in that washes and dries them. Doggie bidet with built in dryer?

Then my mom watched Hannah while I went to do some volunteer counseling at the church. Hannah was reportedly good and just slept, she does love a good nap on Nana. I picked up Adam from home (he biked to work and back) and we went back to my parents and made spaghetti and watch lost. We just have one episode left in the second season, and it’s pretty exciting.

Today Hannah and I have been hanging with the dogs. Later we’re going to go jog again with Poppy and Rosie (my dad and their labradoodle).

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