Hannah is having a language explosion, she picks up a new word every few days, it’s really fun. I am working on getting a video of her saying all the words she knows, but half-way through she gets distracted or bored, so I may need to do it in chunks.

We had a few language milestones this week. The first was when we went to rietaid to get her fluoride the pharmacist said “hi” and Hannah showed her the graham cracker she was eating and said, “cracker!” and the pharmacist said, yes, that’s right that is your cracker. I’ve never had someone we don’t know understand her before so it really surprised me. Then Hannah handed her my debit card and said, “thank you” and the pharmacist said, “you’re welcome”. The whole thing cracked me up. People often talk to her or ask her things but she never answers, at least in a way they can understand, so it was a fun first.

Then today she strung two words together for the first time. She was repeatedly pointing and grunting at my water bottle and Adam kept saying, “that’s mama’s water” and handing her her own water bottle. A little bit later she pointed at it and went, “mama….. water” Not exactly a sentence, but it was the first time I’d heard her say 2 words in a row.  Aside from “no no no no no” her all time favorite word right now.

She is sleeping well at night which is really nice. Her ear infection is gone, but the fluid was still there last time they checked. We’ll probably go in next week to see if the fluid is gone, hopefully it is and we’ll be done with colds for the year and her ears will be more mature next winter and we won’t deal with this again. At least the amoxicillin is flavored with something yummy now, so she doesn’t mind taking it. Last time she got this exciting rash a couple of days after she stopped taking the amoxicillin.

We have been keeping busy at the nursery,

and having playdates with friends

and going to the gymnastics place in town for fun on trampolines

My friend Dawn has an amazing talent with clay and made us these beautiful impressions of Hannah’s hands and foot. Here is her website so you can see more of her art: http://ittybittyimpressions.com/ I can’t wait to someday get the impressions of our next kid when they are brand new. Though I’m sure someday these impressions of Hannah’s hands will seem itty bitty.

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