what would you do?

So wednesday I’ll be 5 month pregnant, and I have an interview. The people interviewing me don’t know. I have some looser tops I can wear, but there is a noticeable bump, so they’ll either assume I have a belly, or am pregnant. It’s illegal for them to ask though.

So do I just not say anything, use my rights an hope that they don’t just think I’m being sly. Or do I mention it, so I look upfront, and clarify that I intend to keep working until the baby comes and then would like to work part-time after that?

What would you do?


  • Annette

    Honestly, you have a better shot of getting the job if you don’t mention your pregnancy. I don’t think that’s being sly. They have no right to ask, and you have no obligation to tell them. For all they know, you could be putting that baby up for adoption. The fact that you’re pregnant should have no bearing on whether they give you a job or not and telling them automatically inserts that into the equation.

  • vicki

    Agree with Annette. You could also put cotton in your cheeks so the weight gain looks more spread out:) Good luck!

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