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I thought maybe it was time to explain what i do for work, then my other work stories will make a lot more sense.

I work at a non profit that is the umbrella organization for 8 different agencies that provide services that range from counseling, shelter for homeless youth, school for kids who have been kicked out of public school, special education school for kids with ocd, adhd and oppositional defiance, and services for incarcerated youth.

My agency provides residential drug and alcohol treatment for girls ages 12-19 who have been incarcerated at some point. All of the girls will be returning to the community once they are done with our program, which lasts about 4 months, unless they get kicked out or run away.

At work I’m like an RA, minus the programming. I enforce rules (and there are a ton of them!!!!! they can’t even use scissors without staff watching), document what they do, take them from the dorm to dinner, and back, and snack, and back, and sometimes we go on outings, like the YMCA, or skate world, etc. They are on a point system and if they break the rules they lose points, so if they have lost many points they don’t get to go on outings, or use the phone, etc.

I’ve been able to build relationships with most of them, but they all have their moments when I won’t i them what they want and they hate me. The last 4 days one of the newer girls took the chance at least 5 times a shift to tell me just how much she disliked me, which usually involved liberal use of the F word. Hopefully the fetus can’t learn swear words in utero, because yikes. Today that girl apologized, so that was nice.

I’m hoping to move up through the ranks into a counseling position at the umbrella organization, but they definitely have more respect for experience over education here, so it’ll mean me putting in some time.

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  • Austin

    This job sounds pretty neat and rewarding at times. Other times it seems like it would be so hard to want to come back. I think it’s really cool you are doing it. It’s nice for them to have a good strong female role model 🙂 The hours seem really crazy too haha

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