Well played

Hannah sleeps in a toddler bed in her room, we put her down and shut her door and she rolls around chatting in her bed for an hour or so and eventually falls asleep. Then when Adam comes to bed later he opens her door, so she can come get us in the morning when she gets up. Recently she’s started coming into our room and standing next to one of us yelling “Uh BON!!!” which is Hannah speak for “Come on!”, since she wants us to go with her to the kitchen to get her breakfast. Neither Adam nor myself find this to be the most pleasant way to wake-up, so we’re trying to train her to come in and either sit in our bed and read for a few if it’s early, or play by herself in her room. She doesn’t like this deal at all.

This morning she came in at 6am and announced she needs to pee on the potty.  That’s not a request we tend to ignore. So her and I wandered through the dark house to find a potty, she sat and gleefully announced she had peed. She didn’t, but it was a very effective way to get me out of bed at 6am. Well played tiny friend.

Tonight she didn’t want dinner, so we put it aside for her. Then we went and cleaned the garage, she helped by jumping on her trampoline and teaching a set of colanders about, “God’s word”, which in this case happened to be a copy of “super baby food”. Then when we came in right at bedtime, she said she was hungry. So she got offered the same plate from dinner, and spent 30 minutes eating all of it. Delaying her bedtime an extra half hour. Well played Hannah, well played.

On another note I’m 37 weeks along with Sam, so I’m now considered full term and the doctor says he’s welcome anytime.

Here is a link to the online gallery of our maternity photo shoot, you just have to enter your name and e-mail:   http://amandalsmithphotography.zenfolio.com/p56055345

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