weekend project

because someone tiny can open ours doors with these knobs:

our doorknobs that Hannah can open

We (well mostly Adam) installed new ones that she can’t:

our new doorknobs that hannah cannot open

We keep the dogs water bowl in the bathroom, since they like to get water everywhere when they drink and we didn’t want it damaging the wood laminate Adam worked so hard to install. Usually if Hannah is roaming the house I close the bathroom door so she doesn’t play in the dog water. This worked until last week when I’d close the door and walk by a minute later and find it open, Hannah was practicing her new door lever pulling skills. So we have a solution that works for now, we’ll see how long it takes before she can turn these ones.

We’re having a mellow week since there are no bible studies during spring break, so Hannah and I will only be at the nursery wednesday night. Hannah celebrated spring break by waking up 2 hours earlier than usual this morning (though 7:15 is still later than many other babies sleep, so I’m not complaining). Now she is fighting the good fight against this nap. Hopefully she’ll surrender soon so we can go take lunch to Daddy.

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  • Annette

    Henry figured out those door knobs before he could walk. It was insane. He could open the front door and crawl outside, which is terrifying. I am dreading the day he figures out the deadbolt lock!
    Anyway, your new door knobs are cuter. Maybe she’s just a tiny interior decorator and that’s the only way to get her message across.

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