week 32

Tomorrow will be 32 weeks in the pregnancy, which means there are only 8 left, horay! It also means that in just 4 weeks I’ll be considered “term” which means she can come anytime after that and it’s okay. I’m pretty excited about that.

It’s been a fun filled few weeks at the Becker ranch. Lorna threw me a baby shower this weekend which was fantastic. Hannah now officially owns more clothes than both Adam and I combined, so there won’t ever be a need for her to be naked, even if she wants to be, haha. Adam and I took our first birth class through my OB’s office and have our second and last one tomorrow. Adam wasn’t expecting to learn much since we already did a bradley (medication free childbirth) class, but he said he actually enjoyed the one last week. Tomorrow we’re learning about c-sections, so that’ll be good info to have. I have an ultrasound on the 20th and am really excited to see Hannah again since we haven’t since 18 weeks which feels like forever ago.

Adam and I are fighting the leaf war with the giant tree in our front yard. He accomplished more in 30 minutes of raking today than I have in my 3+ hours, so apparently raking is not my gift. Could also be that the extra 10 pounds in water weight and inability to get a full breath make me slow, hard to know. =)

The dogs made a request to attend doggie day care in the form of eating 2 books, 3 dvds and more yesterday, so today they got to spend their first day at dog paw day care. They will be there tomorrow if you want to watch them on live webcam, hahaha. http://www.dogpawdaycare.com/dogcam.html They are having a “2 for the price of one” deal right now, so as long as Adam and I are getting home right around dark we’ll probably send them there at least a few times a week so they can get their exercise and not eat our house. They are very happily sleeping on their respective couches right now. I love tired dogs.

Adam is headed to the coast for a sleepover with the middle school group from our church. He left right after work and will be back tomorrow morning before work, so he’ll be nice and exhausted. I figured the fact that I can’t get more than 3 straight hours of sleep even in my own bed without tweens giggling was excuse enough for me to stay with the dogs.

Adam got baptized Sunday which was very cool. He even had a small crowd of our friends come to watch, nice to know we’re so supported in our faith. Then my parents took us out to Red Robin to celebrate, a very fun party.

Last night my parents called to see if they could come see the finished baby’s room since we had put together the crib and dresser they got us. Right before they got here Adam realized the shelves he’d taken so much time to carefully hang a few days ago had pulled out of the wall dumping baby stuff everywhere. The stupid anchors didn’t expand. Luckily we figured this out before Hannah was in there. So my parents graciously imagined what the room would look like without elephant stuffed animals and other baby paraphernalia all over the ground. This house does seem to have a knack for creating constant projects for Adam, and I’m about as useful as a chihuahua.

I’m planning to spend part of my evening doing some sewing since I want to recover the cushions on the rocker glider we found at a garage sale. I’ve never recovered anything before, but I’m great with a seam ripper when I screw up, so it should be an entertaining evening.

I washed the sheets from the guest bed, who’s coming to visit next?

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