We Moved!!

Horay! We are officially living in our new house! The last few weeks have been crazy, Adam has spent every evening at the house working, I got the epic cold then went to Nashville and returned still with the epic cold, we never really packed, we started new jobs, and my belly kept growing and growing.

This weekend Katie, Jacci Tom and Austin came down and blessed us big time by packing the duplex, moving stuff to the house, and the guys even cleaned the duplex! The ladies arranged all the furniture so we’d have places to put stuff and our house is really starting to feel like home. We are so so so thankful for the help, especially since I wasn’t of much use with the stupid cold.

We’ll post pictures soon, just have to find the cable that connects the camera to the computer, hehe. We have lots and lots of unpacking to do.

Some new house moments that we’ve really enjoyed; Having 2 bathrooms, a garbage disposal, a driveway we can both park in, a neighborhood without cars parked on lawns, starting to set up a nursery and finally having a guest room where you can all come stay when you visit!


  • Aunt Annette

    So what do you guys need for the house? (Housewarming gift) I want to get you guys something but I don’t know what you need!

  • kate

    Adam says we need a new welcome mat, as he purposefully left our last one at the duplex, apparently bumblebees aren’t his style. If only he’d said something when we bought it, hehe.

    Chloe and Dash say they need a water bowl for outside as they don’t think drinking out of a found plastic planter dish is very classy.

    Hannah says she needs more abdominal space, got any to spare? =)

  • Kevin

    December won’t come soon enough. I wanted to be there to help with the move. Drats! Can’t wait to see the place. Can I request a lava lamp for the guest room? Or maybe one of those lamps that projects stars all over the room at night? J/K. Congrats on finally moving in!!!

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