I uploaded a bunch of videos to our youtube account:

We got some new neighbors, and they smoke. We used to wait until it was cooler outside than inside and put a box fan in Hannah’s window to cool down her room, but now if we do that it makes our whole house smell like cigarettes, which apparently is bad for the baby. So we moved her crib into our “office” and Adam’s desk into her room, so now it’s a playroom/study and the room with the window not facing the neighbors is her crib room. Now we can still cool down her sleeping room without making the house smell. Though it does make for a pretty hot playroom not being able to open the window. It has been nice for Chloe though, she loves to sleep on the floor by the crib but I didn’t want her hair all over the carpet Hannah was learning to crawl on, but now that the crib isn’t in the playroom, Chloe gets to sleep by her baby.

Right after I had reassembled the crib in Hannah’s room I set her in it so she could sit and watch me work. I was watching a youtube video of how to reinstall her breathable bumper and looked away from her for a few seconds to watch the laptop. When I looked back she wasn’t sitting, she was standing holding onto the crib rail grinning at me. I was yelling for Adam and he came in and I was just yelling and pointing at the baby and he couldn’t figure out why I was so excited. I told him that I had put her in the crib sitting down, and now she was standing, and I hadn’t lifted her up. I ran to get the camera and the second I got back in the room she plopped down.

Having just plopped down after pulling herself to standing in the crib

We tried to get her to do it again, but she was pretty worn out, and more interested in why we were so excited.

trying again, before we lowered the mattress

She’d been trying to pull up on other things, but usually if something is short enough for her to grip, it’s also very unstable, so she ends up pulling over lots of things like boxes.

Saturday we went to the Scandinavian Festival and enjoyed lots of yummy food.

Watching Scandinavian dancers with PoppyWatching Scandinavian dancers with Poppy

She had a blast playing with some of her baby friends in a baby pool Sunday, though she was doing a lot of splashing, which wasn’t fair since the other babies don’t quite yet have the coordination to splash her back.

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