I’ve been protesting the blog in hopes that Adam would log in and give you the funny version of our trip to the vet, but since It’s his birthday I’m going to stop haranguing him about it. Short story, Dash peed on the vet’s table (and all over the floor and everyone’s shoes) and Chloe pooped on the table. EW! Yoshi was nice enough to keep all her body fluids to herself. The pets are doing well, the dogs are fatter than they should be, and the cat is a little thinner than last year. We told our vet that chloe whines in the car when we take her to the park or coast, he suggested taking her in the car more often, or errands and such. So we’ve been taking chloe with us places and hoping the whining will decrease. Hannah loves her pets so much! Mostly when the dogs are licking her, she giggles like a tiny crazy person. =)

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