Useless wife

So when Adam says he , “got busy after work” friday, what he means is he spent the evening going to costco to get my Tamiflu prescription, going to our duplex and getting the dogs and all their and our stuff for the weekend while I laid uselessly on the couch at my parents.

I have been trying to ignore my stupid cough all week and going to work and keeping up with my commitments, but when I got to my parents house after work Friday to drop off Yoshi after her declaw I was feeling lousy. I took my temperature and when I realized I had a fever I knew I should call my OB since being sick doesn’t just affect me now, it affects the little bug too. I called and the secretary said she’d have the on-call nurse call me back. The nurse called a few minutes later and said I needed to go to the ER. Boo. She said I needed to go and ask for a mask as soon as I got there since I had swine flu symptoms and didn’t want to get other people sick. Double boo. Mom and I started getting ready to head to the ER and the nurse called back and said she’d called my OB to say I was going to the ER and my OB said to just get Tamiflu, sine that’s what the ER would do anyway. Yay no ER! The nurse did make me promise to send somone else to costco so as not to infect more of the world, hehe.

So Adam lovingly went and got my wicked expensive flu pills. Though none of us are actually convinced I have the flu. Maybe just a bad cold in combination with not enough rest, and maybe a reaction to getting the flu shot thursday. I have been trying my best to relax today though I did get to take two brief field trips, one to replace the flip flop of Mom’s that rosie ate, and one to see the amazing work the guys have done on the house today. I also gave Rosie a bath which was fun since she’s so little and calm and just stood there in the tub, and loved the rub down to dry off.  Now I’m about to head back to prone on the couch.

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