We are officially unpacked, and we’ve just been here a week. Horay! I even put an add on craigslist to give our cardboard moving boxes away and got a response in less than 10 minutes, so now the garage is looking pretty good with the boxes gone.

Our house definitely isn’t done being organized, there are a good number of piles and Adam and I both have tubs full of stuff from our desks that need sorted, but we know what’s in them. We’ve been having fun figuring out where to put things, especially since now we have 3 bedrooms, so there are actual choices.

Adam has been working hard, he spent today putting the trim in the main part of the house, so it really looks finished out here. We got the trim so he can do the bedrooms when he gets the chance. Aside from a little bit of touch-up painting, the renovation is pretty much done. Though we’re learning that home ownership means that there is always something to be fixed, updated or tweaked. And we’re loving it.

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