Tube free!!

Yoshi got her feeding tube out yesterday. She gained a pound since her last appointment, and we had reduced her tube feedings, so she’s back to eating all her food with her mouth. Now we just pray she doesn’t hunger strike again. She looks very silly since her neck was shaved, but I guess it’s less silly than the purple neck collar.

In other news, Hannah is cutting her top left front molar. We did enjoy a couple nights with good sleep before it started. Now I’m just giving her baby tylenol and lots of things to chew on.

Adam does the baby soothing when Hannah wakes up crying between when I go to bed and when he comes to bed. If she wakes up and seems overly upset he goes in and helps her fall back asleep. Earlier this week he picked her up and she snuggled right against him and fell asleep, they both really liked that. So each night since, she’s woken up after I’ve gone to bed and they’ve snuggled for a bit. Adam is a little worried he’s creating a habit where she’ll need him to fall back to sleep, but I think he likes the cuddling too much to worry more than a little.

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