In September we celebrated our 4 year anniversary in the house. Right after we bought it in 2009, Adam (and help!) resurfaced the entire interior of the house. Scraped, retextured and painted ceilings, painted walls, installed laminate flooring and carpet; he’s becoming a very handy man! Then piece by piece every single other appliance in the house broke. Staring with our oven, the week after H was born, hahaha. We’ve replaced the furnace, water heater, oven, fridge, microwave, toilets, kitchen sink faucet, master sink and probably more that I’m forgetting. All the while, growing a bit too big for our 960 square feet.

We’d always hoped this was ┬ástarter home and some day as our family grew, we could upgrade to a bigger home, but then the real estate market crashed. We’ve had realtors come and do assessments every year or so, but they’d tell us we’d need to sell it for less than we owed, and we couldn’t stomach it. Especially after pouring so much money (and ENERGY!!!) into fixing it up. So we just stayed. Bursting a bit at the seams. The market is starting to perk up a bit, now there is hope we could sell it for more than we owe, but not enough more to cover the cost of using realtors. The thought of having to use the nest egg we’ve been so carefully saving as a down payment for our dream home, just to sell this home, that crushes us. So we’re going to attempt the crazy, and try and sell this house ourselves. First thing, in order to make it look like it’s not tiny, we have to get at least 75% of our stuff out. So as we work through our list of repairs and other details to attend to before attempting to sell, I’m packing away stuff we don’t have to have access to. The nice thing is that since we don’t have a set date, the packing isn’t stressful, I just fill a box here or there.

H keeps asking where things are going, then asking if we can move to our “new house” yet. Attempting to explain the unknown to her makes me realize just how weird this transition spot is. When will we move? I don’t know. Where will we move? I don’t know. The weirdest thing is though, that despite being a planner and longing to always know the next 15 steps, I am at peace. I know this peace is from God. It’s contagious too, because my 3 year old who also loves to know the entire week of plans, is content with my answer of “I don’t know.” So I’ll embrace this weird transition space. Let it teach me how to be a little more flexible, and little less attached to my stuff, and maybe redefining what “home” means. If all else fails, we can just camp outside the nursery at church right?

Anyone want to buy a house? =)

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  • Virginia

    Oh, you word that so well! So hard to be needing more room so badly, but that feeling of spending so much JUST to move – before even factoring in the new house!
    I thought ours was small but we have almost 100 sq ft on you, so you have my sympathy! I’m so glad God is giving you peace through this and that it’s trickling down to H. What a great example for her!
    I’ll be praying for you – for God’s hand in the sale of your own house, and for Him to lead you to just the right new one!

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