Time for a plan

With Hannah’s arrival impending Adam and I finally got to work on a game plan.

When the time comes we’ll head to Riverbend hopsital to have her. http://www.peacehealth.org/PatientsAndFamilies/Babies/Oregon.htm

Adam and my mom are going to be helping with the actual birthing. As much as I love all the rest of you, I’m going to keep my nakedness a private affair. =)

Adam is going to tweet periodically during the labor and birth, and hopefully those will update here on the family blog, if not, now’s the time to start following Adam on twitter.  His twitter name is cyphun

When she’s here he’ll post pictures for your enjoyment. We’ll be there between 24-48 hours after she’s born. We’re not really planning on hanging out there any longer than needed for us to sleep and her to get all her tests done. Adam will have his cell and laptop so he can be keeping in touch with people wanting updates, hopefully some of the time they’ll be off because we’ll be sleeping.  Hahahaha, getting any sleep with a newborn, funny.

Adam only gets 2 weeks off work (well technically one off and one working from home) so we’re going to make a special effort to honor that being his time to bond with Hannah and not have anyone stay with us then. We’d love brief visits so people can meet her, we just won’t be ready to host slumber parties. I don’t think we’ll turn down any offers of dog walking, or pizza delivery. =)

After Adam’s back to work I know I’d love help, I just don’t know when that’ll be yet. We can’t wait for Hannah to get here so she can met all of you and see just how loved she is. =)

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  • Aunt Annette

    I’m so excited to meet her too and see what she looks like! 🙂

    And FYI, facebook and AIM are blocked at the hospital. That made me a sad panda.

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