the truck is on the roof

There is this joke that goes something like this:

A guy gets a friend to watch his cat while he’s on vacation and he calls one day to see how things are going and asks about the cat and his friend says, “your cat is dead,” and the guy is all upset and explains to his friend that you can’t just say stuff like that, you have to gently lead into it. Maybe when they call you say the cat has been missing, and then a few days later you say you hear it but can’t find it, then a few days after that you say the cat is on the roof and the fire department is working hard to get it down, but it may be tough, then eventually you say they tried as hard as they could but they couldn’t get to the cat in time. Then the friend who was watching the cat says, “well, you’re grandma is on the roof.”

So in my family when something is on it’s way out, we say it’s on the roof. Adam caught on pretty fast and when I was explaining last week how the truck was acting funny and not starting or driving right he very aptly put it, “the truck is on the roof.” It has remained there for a good while, but made it very clear this weekend that it doesn’t intend to last much longer. It’s a transmission issue, and since the car isn’t even worth 1k, it won’t be worth it to fix. I have a longer drive to work than Adam, so we figured he could get a bike and bike to work, or take the risk with the truck, but the catch is that his car is a stick. He really wanted a manual, and I figured at some point I’d learn to drive it, or we’d get another automatic, but I’d been lazy about learning. I did promise to learn before the baby came, so the truck situation forced that to happen much sooner than planned.

Last night Adam very patiently spent some quality time with me stalled out in traffic. I know he’ll be the perfect labor coach because as I repeatedly stalled the car on busy roads with drivers behind my honking he would be calming telling me what a good job I was doing, and not to panic or feel rushed, that they could just go around me. He’s fantastic. I did really well at first, even made it from our house to dairy queen without stalling (okay so it’s like 2 blocks, but still!). Then my first stall was trying to reverse out of the duplex driveway without gas, apparently you can’t use momentum if you’re on a flat surface. Then in traffic I got all nervous because there were a ton of cars behind me, and stalled, then got more nervous and stalled several more times, it was pretty funny. We did a practice drive to my work and even though I managed to accidentally shift from 2nd to 5th (the very forgiving honda just went with it) a couple of times, we made it there okay. Today on the way home from work the truck took 7 restarts, so tomorrow will start my new relationship with the honda. I’m planning to give myself lot’s of extra time to get to work, and just try and be as zen as possible. Luckily having the truck constantly stall out in traffic has helped prepare me for being a terrible stick driver, since I’ve gotten good at just shrugging at the other drivers who honk as I restart. Mom thinks I should get out and show them how pregnant I am so they just chill out and back off, haha.

Oh the bump note, things are progressing well. I’m 6 and a half months today. I had a doctors appointment Monday and am measuring about a week and a half ahead of schedule, so either she’ll be big, or come early, or maybe she’s just in a growth spurt. I certainly am, and admitted that to myself a little today by packing two tubs of clothes that no longer fit.

We’re having a blast getting situated in our new home, and I’m very excited to get the nursery all set-up. The guest room is all ready if anyone wants to visit. =)


  • Aunt Annette

    Maybe Hannah wants to get here before my little guy! 🙂

    We are going to look awesome in our pumpkin patch photo-shoot, which I am thinking with all these contractions I keep having, we ought to schedule soon!

  • Aunt Annette

    Sweet. I didn’t know if you wanted to wait a few weeks when we are bigger, or do it now. I’ll work on a photographer and keep an eye out for good weather.

  • Leah

    I sweat profusely while learning to drive stick. Then my dad brought out the cervical collar he had in his jump kit from his volunteer EMT days…that was a real confidence booster.

    I’m getting over a cold and on duty this weekend, but maybe a trip to Eugene is in our future next weekend? I think X is on-call, but Eugene has the internet now right? And I’m guessing his high-tech pager will get service down there.

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