The epic belly

I’ve successfully made it to the third trimester, though I guess I can’t take much credit for that, since other than me not doing crack, growing a baby is pretty much God business.

Ever since she started kicking me at around 19 weeks this whole pregnancy thing has actually started to feel real. Then about 3 weeks ago she got big enough that she can do this creepy drag thing where she jabs some sort of pointy appendage (knee, elbow, heel?) against my belly and drags it from one side to the other. It feels odd, and definitely freaks out anyone that happens to be touching the belly when she does it. My favorite so far was when Lorna had her hand on my belly trying to feel her and she did the drag thing and Lorna jumped like 2 feet away, we both laughed pretty hard. It was also funny when she kicked Leah and Leah startled a little and said something along the lines of, “ew!” but then put her hand right back for another kick. She has also been kind enough to perform on demand for Marlene and both my parents.

I just keep getting bigger, apparently that’s how it goes from here on out. Tuesday I had two different people ask me if I was due soon, hahahaha. Not even close. I had this dream that I could sleep tons right up to her birth so I’d be ready for the lack of sleep, but I think maybe pregnancy is some form of sleep deprivation training, as leg cramps, constant bathroom trips and fetal attempts to escape through my skin make it a little challenging to sleep very much. It’s nice to feel her moving around so I know she’s still doing okay.

We’re feeling pretty good about being settled and the baby’s room being pretty much ready. There are a lot of things that would make having a baby easier, and hopefully we’ll be blessed with some of those at my shower. We’ve got some clothes (thanks to Vicki and the girly hand-me-downs!) and we have a little bassinet from a garage sale, so if she shows up tomorrow well be okay. Plus Marlene got us the worlds cutest car-seat and stroller set, so we could even bring her home from the hospital if she were to arrive.

I’ve been enjoying settling into my not-so-new-anymore job. I’m also getting to do volunteer counseling at the church 3 hours a week. So with that, helping with the middle school on Sundays, leading a home group and keeping the dogs fed and exercised we don’t get too bored. We have gotten to actually sit on the couch and watch a little tv which has been a fun change in pace from the crazy month of remodel and moving. Hopefully we can get back to blogging more regularly.

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