Starting up again

I am going to attempt to start blogging on fridays. So here goes. =)

Hannah is pretty much a regular person now, which is crazy. She puts on her own pants, eats what we eat, and for the most part takes care of her own business. The periodic meltdowns remind me she is just 3, but I constantly impressed by how much she can do and understand. This week she wrote out her full name without any help for the first time. Pretty cool. (not sure what letter or symbol is before her name, maybe it’s Hannah with a silent “t”? haha)

Sam is this delightful hurricane. He doesn’t just walk, he runs, and it’s this awesome chest puffed out, shoulders back, full on strut. He grunts and squawks and makes every other stereotypically male noise. I was pretty sure that the whole boy/girl differences were just stereotypes and that the genders weren’t that different if raised by conscious parents. Holy moly was I wrong. Sam is the running/breathing example of every single stereotype. Last week we went to the park by our house, and it’s the first time we’d gone since they turned on the water feature in the sand pit for the summer. Hannah has always liked to play in the sand, but afterwards I can dust the sand off her hands and we’re good to move on to the next activity. Sam ran into the sand pit, saw a sandy puddle, and belly flopped right into it. He was so thrilled to be a giant wet sandball. There was no swiftly moving to the next activity. That day was our first middle of the day bath, hahaha. His first consistent word was “Dada”, now he says “mo” (more) and “ball” and sometimes will whine “momma”. He plays hard, and sleeps hard. It still catches me off guard when I lay him down and he just rolls over and goes to sleep without the hour of drama and sleep fighting we are used to from a certain sibling. He currently is mastering the art of flipping while we are changing him, but he was so worn out at the end of our vacation that we had the easiest diaper change ever. =)

He is growing like a weed, which helps calm my fear that he’ll be a shorty. Being short was fun as a girl, but I’ve heard it’s not as fun for guys

Adam is very graciously letting me have a few after bedtime hobbies, so 3 times a week I go jogging (we say “yogging” since it’s slow, but steady!). My jogging buddy and I are doing the Butte to Butte on the 4th of July, so we’ve been gearing up for that 6 mile race. I’m also taking guitar lessons once a week, a christmas present from Adam and my parents that I am finally getting around to using. I am fiercely loving my job at Nursery Director at FBC. It’s a perfect mix of supervision, relationship building, and loving on kids. I get to develop new systems and get all my OCD out at work so that I can let go a little at home. Still working on that one, it’s hard. =)

For Father’s Day I orchestrated a surprise for Adam. First though, I should say that the last time I surprised him was 2 months after we got married, for his 21st birthday in 2005. I organized a surprise LAN party for him and his buddies, they all played computer games in the co-op dining room into the wee hours of the morning. I figured it had been almost 8 years, so it was time.

He had been mentioning wanting to go to a waterpark with the kids and had shown me great wolf lodge and wings and waves, but I just couldn’t get over the price tag. We take turns being stingy with money, and usually it works out because at any given time one of is prone to spending and the other one plays the role of moderator. Though a few months back our timing didn’t line up and we ended up with a new imac, hahaha. I know he likes surprises, and he’s been wanting to do something special with the kids. So I took the plunge and reserved us a room at Great Wolf Lodge, I used my costco amex card which adam isn’t tied to. He typically doesn’t track that card, but i had also made a large purchase for the church that same month, and the card pays out of our credit union account and Adam did notice and wondered why the costco payment was so high. He was pretty gracious when I mumbled something about buying stuff for church and getting paid back, though I could tell he was a little confused by the amount, haha.

I chose a saturday/sunday so I wouldn’t have to orchestrate getting Adam time off work, and I arranged to have the sunday off from work for me. I also got doggie daycare all set up. For a while I was worried he might need to be in Portland that weekend, so I bought some small gifts on Amazon to have on hand for him just in case we had to cancel our getaway. I told him to stay out of my email and our amazon account since I’d bought him gifts. That way he wouldn’t see the great wolf reservation emails I kept getting. The few days before I slowly started packing our bags, and hid them in the garage so he wouldn’t see them. I told him on Friday night that he’d get to sleep in Saturday morning, and that would be his Father’s day since we’d be working in the nursery with me Sunday. (He volunteers in the nursery 1st service, 8:15-9:45). Saturday when Sam woke up we got all dressed and ready and packed the dogs stuff and food, then Hannah woke up and we drove the dogs to daycare and dropped them off. We came home and loaded all the bags in the car. I had Hannah go wake up Adam and tell him, “get ready we’re going on vacation!”. H didn’t actually know where we were going since I knew she can’t keep a secret. I gave Adam a few minutes to pack his electronics and toiletries, I’d already bought him a new swimsuit and packed his clothes. He was super excited. We hit dutch brothers and then started our journey up I-5. I asked him if he wanted to know where we were going and he said no. He loved guessing for the next couple hours. Then when we passed Vancouver Washington he knew we weren’t doing a portland weekend and was pretty sure we were heading to Great Wolf. When we stopped for lunch I whispered to Hannah that we were going swimming so she gleefully announced it to Adam.

It was a really fun couple days. Lots of swimming, and wandering around the hotel playing “magi quest”. The kids were so worn out that they slept great (a fear of mine since we’d all be sharing the same room), and they even slept in on Sunday morning.

Sam loved the star fish

Hannah loved the ski-dos that had squirt guns

Adam loved the giant slides, especially the funnel one that she said was fairly scary.

We’re enjoying the change of seasons and being able to go to the park, though we’ll enjoy it more once the pollen situation clear up and there is less snot and generally itchiness. Speaking of which, we’re off to the park for a play date now. =)

p.s. This was written on friday, but I needed Adam’s help to reformat the pictures, turns out I don’t want them aligned to the left of the text. My HTML skills are not growing as fast as I’d like. Le sigh….


  • David Smith


    Wish I had know you guys were going to be at great wolf lodge, would have stopped by and said “hello” or something, as I don’t live far from there. Anyway, looks like you had fun!

    I’ll have to call Adam sometime, haven’t talked in a long while now…

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