so hot

I’m not sure why, but even though it’s only 76 outside, and we have all the windows open, it’s 87 inside, ew. We need to figure out a better fan placement method or something, because it’s way too hot in here.

Other than overheating, things are good in beckerland. We talked more realistically about what we could actually afford to pay monthly for mortgage if I wasn’t working full time, which will most likely be reality after this child exits my uterus. So we reset our house hunting price range and our realtor gave us a new list of houses to look at. Adam and David went and drove around tonight checking them out so we could decide which ones to actually go see. Adam really liked a few of them.

I still haven’t felt the baby kick. Though the pooch is getting more obvious each day. The girls at work finally figured it out, and they were very excited for me. It’s even funnier because now some of them feel a new connection to me and pull me aside to tell me about when they were pregnant when they were 13, or how they think they are pregnant now. At least work is never boring. I’m really excited for the ultrasound on August 5th.


  • Annette

    Is your ultrasound on the 5th the “big ultrasound?” Or are you going to have more after that? I am kind of sad I am done with ultrasounds…

  • Annette

    lol, I know that the u/s is on the 5th. I was just wondering if that’s the one where they measure the amniotic fluid, the organs, the brain, check out the umbilical cord, etc… Will you only be 19 weeks at this one?

  • kate

    Yeah, it’s the “big one” where they measure everything. I’ll only be 18 weeks, but that’s when the doc wanted to do it. I’m not sure if we’ll have any after that.

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