We’re enjoying getting to know Hannah. During the day she goes the full 3 hours between feedings either sleeping or quietly looking around, just fussing if she’s hungry or wet. At night she’s been eating closer to every hour and not wanting to go back to sleep in between. Though she does like sleeping on us, just not a good habit to set. Yesterday I talked to the lactation consultant at my docs and she had some good tips. Last night I got 2, 2 hour stretches of sleep, and I only let her sleep on my arm for one of them, so that’s progress. =) The other stretch we let her fall asleep with a pacifier, which made me nervous so I watched her fall asleep and took the pacifier once she did. I’m really excited for her to get a bit bigger tummy so she can hold more food and rest better between feedings. Then we don’t have to wake her up to eat, we can let her decide, that should be in the next week or so.

Adam and I just hung out here yesterday, we got a bunch of stuff done around the house. Put away the christmas tree, picked up. Adam worn Hannah in his front carrier and she was so happy! He even hung some pictures and she didn’t mind the hammering a bit. Last night he wore her while I went to bed at 8 and they played computer games. She likes him so much, it’s really sweet. If she’s awake and he talks she turns her head to look at him. She’ll even stop eating so she can hear him and try and look at him. Good thing I like him so much, otherwise I’d be jealous, but instead I’m thrilled.

I’m also going to write me version of the birth story and post it, it’ll be fun to see how Adam’s and I’s versions differ, though his will for sure be the more realistic, as being in labor did skew my reality a bit. =)


  • Kristi

    I love the blog and the pictures. She is an amazingly adorable girl!! You can definitely see the love in all of your eyes in the pictures. Love you guys!!

  • Rachel

    OMG! I am loving the pictures. SO cute… can we get some more mommy pictures? 😉 A lot of adam. All the photos are so cute… My roomies- yes all 13 agree! 🙂 see you in 12 days!

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