Lack of sleep in the Becker house brought us to the conclusion that it was time to try something new, and we had our doctors permission to let Hannah cry “a little” and her assurance that a baby her age should be able to go 6+ hours at night without eating, so we did an experiment.

We had been putting her in her crib at night and swaddling her, and patting her and rubbing her until she stopped screaming and gave in to sleep. Then in the middle of the night if it hadn’t been at least 4 hours since she’d eaten, I’d try and re-swaddle and pat and rub until she’d go back to sleep and not pick her up. Sometimes though, the screaming wouldn’t stop, so I’d either have to feed her, or pick her up and bounce her for a bit before I could put her back down and start the rubbing/patting again.

A few nights ago we decided we’d let her cry for 5 whole minutes after we put her down before we went back in to rub/pat. It seemed like forever listening to her cry, but by the time 4 minutes came, she was asleep. MAGIC!!!! Then she woke up at 1am, and only cried for 5 minutes before falling back asleep. Experiment success!

There have still be a few night wakings that have required intervention, but Sunday night she went down at 9 and slept till 8:30, last night she went down at 9:45, slept till 6, ate and went back to sleep till 9. My body is still adjusting to sleep, I wake up at night wondering where my baby is, and get all confused at my alarm clock in the morning since Hannah used to be my alarm.

Now she’s having a nap in her crib, and she didn’t even scream when I put her down.

I’m pretty excited that we’re turning this corner. Especially since that was really the only challenging part with her. She’s so much fun and changing so much every day. When I go to get her in the morning she is usually at the opposite end of the crib, on her belly, trying to peel the polka-dots off her crib sheet. She loves rolling and standing at her play table. She likes eating blueberries and peach in her little mesh feeder, and has been enjoying the veggies I pureed and froze for her.

We’ve got a few weeks where my work is slower before the fall bible studies kick off, so I’m excited to let her set the pace and see if she develops a schedule. I can’t believe she’ll be 7 months old on Saturday. The time is flying by!

I feel so... free.I feel so... free.I feel so... free.I feel so... free.

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