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I’m trying to think of everything that’s happened since the last post. I’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow, only 6 to go. I am really excited for the 36 week milestone, since that’s considered full term and if you go into labor at any point after then they don’t try and stop it, and babies after then are typically born pretty healthy. 2 more weeks until my turkey is fully cooked.

We got to see her in an ultrasound last Friday and the measurements say she’s about 5 pounds, she’s already bigger than Adam was when he was born. It wasn’t as exciting of an ultrasound since she’s too big to fit on the screen like last time so you see a leg or a foot or her heart, which are all very cool, but no cute curled up baby profile shots. Plus she wouldn’t hold still so we couldn’t get a good 4-d image of her face, just a bunch that make her look like a blob of bread dough with a nose. She does look good though, and it was cool to see all 4 chambers of her heart. We got the ultrasound because my thyroid levels were off so they wanted to check on her, and they changed my medication. Hopefully it’ll all be back on track at my next appointment.

Adam and I took our hospital tour at the hospital we’re going to have Hannah at. The silly swine flu made it so we couldn’t actually go into the labor and delivery ward of the mother baby ward, but we went to the floor and the security guard answered a bunch of questions. Then we watched a virtual tour of the 2 wards. We learned a lot more than we were expecting. I didn’t realize so much had to happen between when you have the baby and when you go home (social security number, birth certificate, hearing test, billirubin level check, quad screen, meeting with the pediatrician, etc). We’re still thinking we might leave a little early if we’re feeling good and Hannah is healthy.

Again because of the flu they are only letting the mom and 2 support people into the actual wards, anyone else has to wait in the main lobby. Funny, they won’t even let them wait in the waiting room on the same floor as the 2 wards. They have a cool set up though so that the first bath, weigh, measure, etc. can be broadcasted via skype to the conference rooms on the 2nd floor, so if you have a bunch of people waiting, they can see the baby live shortly after its born.

We’ve been having fun getting to know the other couples in our home group. It’s nice to be making connections with people our age. It’s especially cool because our church is huge (2,000+ members) so it can feel like you just come and go with no one noticing, but now we know all these other couples, so church feels smaller, but we still get all the perks of a huge church like amazing music and big library.

Adam and I are pretty excited to have Thursday and Friday off, and maybe even more excited to get our couch tomorrow. We’ve been using our 2 love seats since we moved from the dorms and not being able to lay down and relax is pretty sad. Especially now that getting comfortable is starting to be a challenging endeavor for me. We picked a 6 piece sectional that’s big enough for both of us to lay down on at the same time, and if you push all the pieces into a square it’s the size of a king sized bed. Turkey and a grown up sized couch, it’s going to be a few days of dreams come true. =)

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