skinned knee

This week Hannah passed through a childhood rite of passage, getting her first skinned knee. She even managed to do it through tights, and not rip the tights! Right now she is very happily throwing everything she can find in the kitchen, mostly toys, over the fence into the living room where the dogs are standing watching, very amused.

I’ve been working on having her sign “help” when she wants help instead of grunting, and asking “please” when she’s grunting about food or something else. I usually wait for her to either sign help or please before I do what she’s asking. Then I do the sign for “thank you” once she’s asked. Yesterday she was asking help to be picked up, si Picked her up, and spontaneously she signed “thank you” to me for picking her up. Pretty cute.

She’s really into repeating words right now, which is very fun. Often she’ll try and repeat something we say and we’ll laugh because its funny and then she’ll smile huge and keep trying to say it over and over to get us to laugh again. She has mastered “cookie” and “cracker” even to the point where people other than Adam and I can understand it, she knew to work hard on those because the response she gets is often a cookie or cracker, haha. She just brought me over a jar of raisins and simultaneously grunted and signed help, funny girl.

She still doesn’t sleep through the night consistently, but we usually have a few nights each week where she does.  Its hard to know when to let her cry it out and when to go in her room when she’s crying. Especially since she’s really quick to pick-up patterns, so if we go in one night, she’ll cry louder and longer the next night to try and get us to come. I have a sinus infection, so Adam was nice enough to go help her in the middle of the night last night. Luckily I’m getting better quickly and my work week is over until Sunday.

We went to see the Easter bunny with Hannah’s friend Sophia and her mom Pauline. Hannah wouldn’t let go of me to sit in the bunny’s lap, and I knew if I peeled her off me all I’d get was pictures of her screaming. So we just took pictures of the girls instead.

gardening by the bunnygardening by the bunnygardening by the bunny

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