sign needed

I need one of those signs that says,

“my house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it!”

Though maybe it should say, “My kitchen was clean 10 minutes ago, then I went to clean the living room and this tiny tornado trashed the kitchen, then trashed the living room while I picked the kitchen up, so nevermind, it’s never been fully clean. Oh, and don’t mind the dog hair piles, they don’t bite.”

This weeks news is that Hannah has been telling me when she’s got poo in her pants, which is one of the potty training readiness signs, so that’s neat. She doesn’t really have any other readiness signs, so we’re not going full steam ahead with the training until she shows more interest. Yesterday she came and said, “poopy” but there wasn’t anything in her pants, so I stripped her and put her on her potty. She stood up and peed next to it. so I put her diaper back on and she pooped in it. I think she was just trying to help me work up the motivation to mop. Such a helper! At least she helped clean it up. =)

She’s been uber fussy in the evenings, not sure if maybe she’s cutting her 2-year molars or growing, or what. Hopefully it passes quickly.

Yoshi was feeling it’s been too long since her last round of theatrics, for a reminder here is a photo from last fall when she refused to eat and we got to tube feed her for 2 months.
yoshi 2.0

So last week her left eye kept drooping, and eventually was fully closed. So I took her to the vet and she has an eye ulcer. gross. She got to wear a fun kitty collar, very regal. and get antibiotic eyedrops. We’re going in tomorrow for a follow-up, which hopefully will show she’s healed and not requiring kitty eye transplant surgery or anything else that would add to our current kitty debt.
drama kitty strikes again

It’s been super hot, but Hannah doesn’t seem to care and still wants to play in the backyard. She bounces her little heart out no matter the temperature.
trampoline in the 90 degree weather, Hannah
The dogs are kind enough to share their pool when she’s ready to cool down.
Dash and Chloe sharing their pool with Hannah

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