She’s on to me

So at work we generally try not to disclose too much to the clients, sine they’ll use it against you any chance they get. So they know I am married, and don’t have kids, but not much else, though they constantly ask.

One of the girls calls me “kate plus 8” guess she thinks it’s funny. So another girl heard her call me that and asked if I had kids and I said no. And she said, “but you will….” and glanced down at my stomach and back up at me. I turned to the girls and said, “you mean when I legally adopt all of you?” and the girl who calls me “kate plus 8” said yeah and laughed. The other one just glanced back at my belly and then raised her eyebrows at me. Luckily she didn’t push it any further. Funny, I figured since she only got her a month ago she’d just assume I was chubby, but apparently I’d have to be chubby in places besides my belly.

We’ll have to see what happens at work when the figure it out and word gets out.

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