Server switch

This Friday the blog will be moving to a new server! You’re probably asking yourself questions like, “What does this mean for me?” and, “What is a server?” No worries, I’ve brought Hannah to the computer to explain it all.

Adam: When is this going to happen?
Hannah: Friday night after you’ve all gone to bed and I am keeping my mother up.

Adam: Will the blog be down?
Hannah: Aaaahhh, oooooo (Translation: nopers)

Adam: What is a server?
Hannah: Pass….

Adam: What does this mean for the blog visitors?
Hannah: Faster blog!!!

That about wraps that up, thanks Hannah and we’ll see you guys on the new server after Friday night.


  • adam

    The server switch is complete. The blog successfully switched over hours ago without any sort of blip. The picture gallery took a little bit more work, mostly due to the large amounts of data that needed to get transferred from the old server to the new one.

    Enjoy the faster blog!

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