It’s just another Tuesday afternoon and I am working at home and Kate was shopping with a friend. At 12:48, I get a text message from Kate, “Think I might be in labor.” I was immediately excited to hear the news and started packing my bags. Once the bags got packed, I took the dogs to day care for their long stay while we would be at the hospital.

After dropping the dogs off and Kate made it home we started gathering the last things we needed to be ready for the hospital. Hannah, who was late for daily nap, wasn’t onboard with our plans and was being a little challenging. We had the realization that she hadn’t been down for a nap yet right when we were about to head out the door. We decided to have Kate go to the OB office and have me stay at home with Hannah.

At this point I became a mad man texting everyone to try and get everything ready. I needed to have someone who could come wait for Hannah to wake up, in case I had to leave for the hospital before she woke up. Hannah finally fell asleep around 2:30 and I got this text message from Kate, “Seriously, they’re making me wait an awful long time, they must not beleive me. Time to make some moose noises!” I replied, “I just tried to do moose noises into the dictation on my iPhone and it just shook at me. I guess it does not want to do moose noise dictations.” Shortly there after Kate made it into the exam room.

Kate was 2-3 cm dilated at 2:45, and was getting hooked up to an NST machine. Vicki and Alayna came over so I could go be at the OB with Kate. After explaining everything I could think to tell Vicki, I head off to the OB office.

Once I got there we waited in the room which Kate was hooked up to the NST machine. We got the word that she was indeed in labor, but we didn’t need to go in right this second. Dr S. was hoping to catch the new baby when she was already at the hospital doing rounds, and we agreed, thinking we would be more comfortable at home anyway. We left to head home.

Since we had two cars there, and Kate was feeling up to driving, she took the van home, and I took the civic. Not to my surprise, when I found the civic parked it was practically halfway up on the sidewalk. I yelled across the parking lot, pointing at the car and making a funny face at Kate, to let her know I thoroughly enjoyed her mid-labor parking job.

We made it home, and Hannah was still asleep. Job well done on Vicki’s part, she parted. Nancy was there for a little bit and checked in on Kate, and was off as well. Krista made her way over to the house, as she was the one to take care of Hannah while we were off at the hospital and hung out with us for a bit before we went to the hospital.

We finally went in a little after 5:00. We got checked into the triage room and didn’t stay in there very long. Moved into the birth room. This part of the story is really short, because Kate was determined to make this easier than the time before.

We did the techniques we liked from before to help alleviate pain with the contractions. We did the counter pressure on her back, for the back labor. Got a nice portable fan, yoga ball, and walked around the room a lot. In a short amount of time, it was 7:55, pushing time!

Fifteen minutes and some small moose noises late, baby Sam was born. He was perfect. As always with mothers, the mood totally changes. Nothing matters anymore, except holding that new baby. The doctors made themselves scarce and finished up what they had to. We got some good family time with our new family member.

For the next couple of hours we kept the visitors to a minimum, and just got to hang out with baby Sam. Hannah was able to come in, even though it was a little past her bedtime. She got to meet baby Sam, and although a little timid to the idea at first, soon warmed up to him. She loved her little brother.

We eventually got moved to the mommy baby room, and did the first night. We did our best to get out the door as quickly as possible the next day. Sam did great on his checkups, practically slept through the blood draws, and although a little jaundiced we got to head home pretty early the next day. Less than 24 hours after this adventure started we were home with our new bundle of sleepy sleepy joy.

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