Sam 4 months

Sam celebrated being 4 months old yesterday.

My friend Katie found an awesome idea on Pinterest to take a picture of your baby in the same outfit each month for the first year, to show the growth. The outfit was pretty hard to button this month (it’s 3 month size), so it’ll get entertaining as he outgrows it and we have to get creative.

I got to use my beloved organizational/chart making skills and made a cool google doc to track Sam’s Physical Therapy.

At first I was discouraged because I felt like Sam didn’t have enough waking hours in a day to feed him and complete all his PT, plus the days where I had work made it really hard. Then I got in a good rhythm, trying to do at least some before leaving for work, and doing 2 sets in a row before and after his afternoon nap. It felt like a success any day we manage to accomplish the minimum 5 reps of each of the 5 things, we never made it to 7 of all of them. It was really hard but I kept pushing ahead, knowing we only needed to do it for 2 weeks then we reassess and see if it was working and if it was doable.

Then at the 2 week mark I still hadn’t gotten a call from CDRC to schedule our follow up appointment (I knew they had to get a second referral from our pediatrician and couldn’t reschedule until they had that). They called later in the week and said we were approved for continual appointments every 2 weeks. Yay! The downside was that our Physical Therapist would be out the next week, and was overbooked the following week because of her week off. That put us more than 4 weeks out from our first visit. I lost my steam, and got really discouraged. I’m still doing good with a lot of supported sitting time, and we manage a few rounds of side lying, but it’s really hard to push through the tummy time when he’s screaming.

I’ve realized I don’t like failing at things, and when I feel like I can’t do something 100% I tend to just give up, which is terrible logic. Funny since that was often the same reason I didn’t read my bible; I’d find a reading plan I liked, miss a day, then 2, then try and catch up, get overwhelmed and quit. I managed to conquer that issue by committing to reading each day before doing anything else on the internet or my phone. Now I just need to figure out how to change my mindset on PT.

Hannah has been an AMAZING helper.

On the Hannah front, things are uber entertaining, as always. Last week she really enjoyed taking bites of her food, such a sandwich or waffle, and then telling us what shape it was. It’s like finding things in the clouds, except with food. She’d take a bite of waffle and announce, “it’s the moon!” another bite, “it’s you!” We all get a good laugh out of it. ¬†She’s doing a fair amount of back talking, which is turning out to be a hard habit to curb, this morning went something like this:
Kate responding to a snarky response from Hannah: Hannah, that’s back talking, which isn’t okay
Hannah: No, it’s not back talking
Kate: That’s back talking too, back talking is whenever you argue with what we say to you or ask you to do.
Hannah: No it isn’t
cue time out…….

She’s a busy kid, loves to run and jump. She’s constantly covered in bruises from tipping over or running into things. She LOVES to show her owies to others and tell them how she got them. Luckily for us she’s pretty quick to stop crying after getting hurt, and she usually reports that her owies don’t hurt for long. Though when you ask her to do something she doesn’t want to, then they tend to get sore, haha. Or if she’s tired, then they’re just one more piece of drama. She’s currently pretty proud of this one from falling on the shower door track:

Hannah does a good job living with our philosophy that kids fit into your life, not the other way around. She cheerfully tags along, and is enjoying that Sam keeps her company along the way. We went to OMSI last weekend and enjoyed letting Hannah take the lead for the whole visit.

We were up in Portland for a wedding. Two of my RAs from pacific, Lea and PJ, started dating while working for me, and they just got married. It’s been really fun to watch their relationship grow, and it was a privledge for us to have Hannah be their flower girl. It was the perfect flower girl experince, since they just wanted Hannah to have fun, and had very little expectations of her. Which was good, since she ended up needing Adam to walk down the aisle with her, and she refused to smile in any big group pictures. She’s still pretty shy, so her hesitation didn’t surprise me. Now, after the fact, she loves talking about how much fun it was and showing off the flower girl basket that Lea made and let her keep.

In other news, my little brother Max and his wife Annette had their 2nd baby, Holly. It’s especially fun because their son Henry is close in age to Hannah, and now Sam and Holly are close in age too. Right now he looks huge compared to her.

Sam is getting chubby, my favorite baby phase. He loves to stand if you put him in an exersaucer or support him under the arms. If I tickle him really hard at his waist he’d give me a few chuckles, but nothing very convincing. Then yesterday at lunch Hannah sneezed 3 times in a row and he just looked at her and laughed and laughed. Adam and I really enjoyed it. We all tired fake sneezing a bunch to get him to do it again, but no dice. It was so cool that Hannah elicited his first laugh, and we were all their to hear it. I’m excited for when they’re more frequent and we can catch one on video. He’s started to nom on everything and drool like a champ. Hannah got her first tooth at 5 months, so we’ll see if he’s working on a new Becker record.

Life is good in the Becker house. =)

*While trying to adjust the photos to the correct size in this post I had to edit the HTML code, and despite epic amounts of desire to just ask Adam to do it, I pushed through and learned how to resize photos using CSS. It’s only taken 8+ years of being together for me to be able to absorb some of Adams tech skills, haha.

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  • Virginia

    This was great, Kate! I kept having to laugh at the stuff you said – the joys of chart-making (with personalized Sam graphics!), wanting to give up if you can’t do something 100% (LOVE the idea of reading the Bible first before any phone/computer use. I’m going to try it!), and even the bit about soaking up tech skills after being married to a techie (though we’re only at 5 years, so I’m not going to attempt the photo resizing thing yet). You remind me so much of me!
    I’ll be praying for patience and good progress on Sam’s physical therapy!

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