put down the baby!

A few days ago my mom put Hannah on her back on a little play mat they have, it has toys that dangle over their head to entertain them. Hannah didn’t scream, I was very surprised. She didn’t seem to be looking at the toys, just listening to us.

Then Monday night I pulled out the play mat Lorna gave us and laid her on it and she actually looked at the toys, and then she grinned! and grinned some more! It was delightful.

So we’ve been having fun “playing”. I put her down in her crib and shake toys in front of her and she smiles. I put her on the jungle play mat and she smiles. I put her on the hippo play mat and she smiles. I put her on her tummy on the boppy and she smiles. Then within a few minutes (or less than a minute on the boppy) she stops smiling and starts winding up to cry and I pick her up. It’s fun for the few moments it lasts. Who knew you could put the baby down?

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