pretend we posted this when it was written October 22nd.

I uploaded those pictures last night, so check em out.

So, I think I left off last night about loving BJs because of their pazookies. After Xaviea and Leah went back home we got prepared for Yoshi to come live at the new house. Got the garage ready for her and introduced her to the house. She was pretty good and has been slowly getting used to all the newness.

  • We made it a point to take the dogs to the park, which has been really good. We’ve met some co-workers and neighbors at the park with dogs and everyone we’ve encountered there is super nice.
  • Kate and Lorna have been working on baby shower. They’ve even got me helping out a bit with the invitations. It sounds like it should be a good time. I am thinking about having some “man time” for those of us who have XY chromosomes.
  • Kate has learned to drive stick, and she is really good at it. When she first started driving it, she had a couple of stalls, but she really surpassed the idiot drivers that cannot handle a stall or two. Kate has the car every day now, and I’ve been riding to work almost every day.

This last weekend was pretty crazy. On Saturday we (Kate, Lorna and myself) got up early to head up to the Portland area. The agenda was simple. I was going to hang out with David for his birthday and Kate and Lorna were going to do baby things. David and I hung out, ran some errands (including getting a new charger for my laptop), and did a magic draft, which was super cool. We had a good time. I also got to see his fam, which was nice because it has been a while. Kate and Lorna went to OMSI and saw the, “babies in the jars” exhibit. Hey, that is not what I call it. After that they met up with my mom and went to the Babies ‘R Us, a.k.a. “the baby mecca.” My mom got us a sweet stroller and car seat. Check out the pictures for some elephant car seat goodness. We made it home that night and pretty much just hung out with the dogs.

On Sunday we did the normal church thing and after church we hung out with some of Kate’s previous RAs. We had some lunch at Red Robin and showed them the house. It was nice to see PJ and little Lea and Lea’s sister. After lunch we got an hour or so to relax and we went off to dinner with the middle school ministry leaders. We talked about our direction and had some good Mexican food. We had to jet early because we had to head over to our first home group meeting. Kate and I are leading a home group and will be doing so for the better part of a year. It went really well, and we are really looking forward to getting into the meat and potatoes of the home group starting next Sunday. We got home so late that we didn’t have time for Dexter.

Fast forward to last night. I’ve been thinking about installing a wired network in the house, from at least the TV area to the baby’s room. It was a big old failure. I didn’t realize that the outside walls are on top of the cement foundation so crawling around under the house was unsuccessful. I am going to have to go in through the attic if I want to be able to setup a wired network. Boo! Then to top off the sadness that was more time without my desktop being connected to the internet, Yoshi decided she needed to jump down into the crawl space where I was and wouldn’t come out. Silly cat.

Well, that is about it, so now it is time to chill on the couch and figure out how to do the whole network thing.

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