We bought Hannah a potty a few months ago, but she was more interested in carrying around the potty bowl and putting toys in it, than actually sitting on it. Makes sense, she doesn’t really ever sit still. This last week she has started saying potty and actually sitting for short bits, usually while reading.
doing some bathroom reading
This time she decided all her animals needed to pee too
everybody on the potty!

Earlier this week I met another mom at the park who had a little girl slightly older than Hannah who is potty trained and I was saying how Hannah won’t sit on the potty for more than a moment. She said she bought the little seat that goes on the regular toilet, and the kid sits longer since they can’t easily stand up. Last night Adam and I made a detour on our date night to the baby aisle at Target and got Hannah a little sesame street potty seat. Then when we got home we all sat in the bathroom reading and playing, Hannah really likes to point to all the characters on the seat and have us name them. She peed a teeny bit and got really excited when we cheered for her. I don’t think she has any idea what happened or how to make it happen again, but it was fun for the people in the room who don’t pee in their pants. =)

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  • Lacey

    Yay, Hannah! Once you get her out of diapers, it’s time for the next 😉

    p.s. The picture below of Adam tossing her in the air terrifies me!

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