Poop on Daddy!

Hannah made the visit to the pediatrician’s office even more exciting by managing to get poop on Adam’s shirt as he was carrying her to the scale. I wonder if she pooped on him first because she likes him better, haha. She was nice enough to wait until after we’d taken Hannah to Adam’s work to meet his co-workers. She was very popular, and happy and calm as she got passed around. I think she could feel all the IT vibes and knew she was with Adam’s people. =)

She was 8 pound 5 ounces last time we went to the doc, today she was 8 15!!! Wahoo! We got permission from the doc to stop waking her at night, so we’re very excited about that. The doc did mention that the fussiness does tend to peak around 5 weeks, so we might just be seeing the beginning of that. She didn’t think what I was eating was affecting Hannah, which is good.

We had a good night last night, she slept pretty much the whole 2.5 hours between feedings, except one where she was pooping, and she fusses when she’s pooping. It takes her forever to poop, sometimes half hour, and we don’t want to change her mid poo, since that wastes a diaper. So last night I rocked her in her bassinet for half hour and she farted up a storm. Then after the change she went to sleep.

Tomorrow Adam heads back to work. The dogs are going to daycare and I’m going to my mom’s to hang out with Annette, and Henry and my mom. It’ll be a nice transition day.

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