old navy employee dress code?

Adam’s been looking for an exercise bike, and he saw one at a garage sale down the street when he was driving to work and called to ask me to go look at it.

I figured gap khakis don’t really say, “give me a good deal,” so I found some older black capris, an old t-shirt from a trip to montana and put a baseball cap over my very dirty hair. The bike ended up being $100, so even my poor dressing wasn’t going to help that.

A little later my mom called and we went to old navy to use our 30% coupon. While we were shopping I got confused for an employee 3 different times. Seriously? Half my wardrobe is old navy, and every other time I’ve shopped there I’d wearing something I bought there and would have showered, but today, in my filth and old clothes people think I work there? Weird.

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