nudey sleeping

Hannah’s been sleeping in her toddler bed consistently at night for a couple of weeks, she’s been moved to the crib for a couple of naps that she just couldn’t calm down and stay in her bed for, but at night she’s been doing great. When I go to bed I check on her and cover her up with her blankets, and when Adam comes to bed he opens the doors to our room and her room so when she wakes up she wanders into our room saying “goodt mooorning!” It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Last night I went in to check on her and noticed she’d unzipped her footed pjs. Then I looked a little closer and realized her diaper was missing. I had to go get Adam so we could both have a good laugh at the nudey sleeping. Then the best part was how she slept through me flipping her back and forth for the re-diapering. Funny funny girl.

Adam is helping me switch computers for photo uploading, so currently the photos are stuck on my phone, but hopefully soon they’ll be uploaded for sharing. =)

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