Howdy Y’all

My mom and I flew to Nashville, TN Tuesday to attend the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) World conference. I didn’t really do much research before we came so it’s been one fun surprise after another. We’re staying at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, which is HUGE!!!!!! I think you could comfortably fit the city of Forest Grove inside the hotel. It has all these gardens inside, and these giant glass domes so you can see the sun, I went from Tuesday to Friday without actually going outside and was pretty happy. We’ve been getting to see some big name bands and musicians (Amy Grant) and hear some really cool speakers. We even got to hear Gary Chapman who wrote the love languages books. Mom and I have been going to different workshops and then sharing information afterwards, so we’re learning tons. We are excited that today is the last day since the conference starts at 7:30am each morning, which is 5:30 Oregon time, makes it hard to get out of bed.

Last night we ventured out to see downtown Nashville which was fun. We had dinner at B.B. Kings restaurant and got to hear a local R&B band, nice since both of us were expecting to have to hear country music and neither of us like it very much. We got enough taste of Nashville that I could comfortably proclaim that I have no desire to move here.

Tomorrow we’re flying out super early, so we’re hoping to sleep on the plane. Then we get back into Eugene around lunch, and will most likely crash land on our respective couches.

It’s been fun going to a conference that’s so different that what I’m used to, there was definitely not any worship music at the NASPA conference I went to in Seattle in March. But then again, there also we’re advertisements for supplements and bible software during the main sessions.

Okay off to learn more. =)

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