Nana to the rescue!

A peak at today at the Beckers: (A=Adam, K=Kate, Y=Yoshi, H=Hannah, MABDITW=Most Annoying Black Dog In The World)

12:45 am: A & K awake to Y vomiting all over bed. Change sheets, start laundry.
4:45am: H up and mad, K up to shut door to her room and advance laundry
6am: K up to feed H, restart dryer
6:15: A up to medicate Y, get ready and then spend 30 minutes of quality time pumping pured cat food through her tube, and then he’s off to work.
8am: MABDITW wakes K with incessant whining. MABDITW goes out, K gets ready.
8:30am: H awake and joins K, Dash dawn ridiculous boots to keep mud out of sponge paws and goes out, dogs get breakfast, H gets a clean diaper.
8:45am: Time to load car for 9:15 am vet appointment, K goes to get Y and finds more barf, quick clean up, more laundry, then everyone out to the car.
9am: Car battery dead! Nana on her way to rescue!
9:15am: Car number 2 low on gas, car number 3 too small for H, H gets to accompany Nana to her haircut, switching cars at Nana’s, tree people blocking driveway, could this morning get any more complicated?
9:35: K at vet with Y, Y is dehydrated and gets an IV, fancy new dressing for tube, and new food for tube feeding, and tons of reassuring advice that there isn’t any magic amount or time for feedings, just do what works for Y, and we don’t have to get her yak inducing medicine anymore, horay!
10:20: Arrive at hairstylist to find H sitting still and quietly on Nana’s lap for first time EVER! Nana styling beautiful new hair cut! Somehow between 9:20 and 10am Nana managed to get ready, keep H happy, get gas for car number 2 and get to hair appointment on time. Magic!
10:30: Nana and K switch cars back, Nana kindly loaning K car number 2 for the day. Home to feed H and put her down for nap. Start laundry from morning yak. Give Y antibiotics.
11am: K eats breakfast? brunch?


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