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People keep telling us that teething can take forever and sometimes teeth poke through and then go back up into the gum. That sounded absurd, so we just smiled and nodded. Then it happened. Hannah screamed like a banshee for a few days, and I was finally able to get a finger in her mouth and feel tiny sharp points where he upper molars were coming in on both sides, and then yesterday i went to check their progress and the sharp points were gone. Frustrating since it’s so much work and pain for her to cut them, hopefully it won’t hurt when they come down again. Maybe the gum is just swollen around the points right now.

In other news:
Hannah went down a water slide for the first time
Hannah in line for the giant slideHannah in line for the giant slide

She loves walking! So much so that being carried around evokes much yelling. We tried to carry her through Target and she yelled until we put her down, she promptly pulled everything off the nearest shelf and got picked back up for more carrying and yelling. It’s funny because she walks, so you’d think she’s like a regular person, but she has no healthy fear, so she’ll walk right off the edge of things. She also LOVES any form of water, so she is repeatedly running towards the dogs water bowl to play in it or dip her toys in it. If only I could teach the dogs how to drink from the sink. Though maybe having them on the counter would just cause more problems. =)

Hannah seems immune to the word “no”. As she runs towards the water bowl to soak her lovey and I sternly say “Hannah no!” she turns and glances at me before baptizing the lovey and then gleefully mopping the floor with it. I usually just move the bowl outside, but I figure at some point the kid should learn the word no. So I say it, and she looks at me for a second, and then continues on whatever forbidden quest she’s on.

She definitely does know the difference between when I’m talking to her and when I’m talking to the dogs. Now that she’s walking she excited the dogs infinitely more. So much so that if they are in the same space in the house it’s like bumper cars. She is walking around and wobbling back and forth, and they are excitedly circling her, tails thwacking. Eventually one of them either smacks her with their tail or bumps into her and she falls over, and then she cries (if she’s tired). She’ll pause in her crying while I lecture (or yell at, depending on if I’m tired) the dog about tail awareness, and being careful around the baby. I wonder if she’s secretly laughing when they get in trouble for knocking her over, since she’s the one that got them all excited and thrashing about in the first place. She does love them very much. Even when they get shut in another room she runs to the gate and sticks her fingers through so they can lick them, then she giggles like a 12 year old up late at a slumber party.

Before she could walk she’d let pretty much anyone hold her if she thought they might be go somewhere. Now that she can get herself places she’s not so interested in the holding anymore. If she’s playing she’ll come “check-in” every once in a while to let you know she still wants you around, but then she’s back to work. She loves “sharing” where she’ll come hand you a toy and let you hold it for 1 second, then take it back. I think part of the reason why she loves it is that we excitedly praise her for “sharing” each time. When do you have to teach a kid that sharing means letting the person have it for more than 1 second?

She’s demonstrated that she is securely attached. She wouldn’t let go of Adam when he tried to hand her off to Santa:
Hannah wouldn
Though I’m not sure if that was really attachment or just good sense, haha.

She was watching the other morning as he left for work and walked tot he door and started crying when he left. It was cute, but sad. Good to know she is attached to us.

She has met 2 Santas this month:

People keep asking what we’re going to tell her about Santa. I think we’ll do whatever is fun, like having presents from Santa and leaving cookies for him, but not going to extremes to try and keep her from realizing he’s pretend. She has very much enjoyed chewing on baby Jesus from my parents stuffed nativity and the baby Jesus book from her “bible heros” book set from goodwill. I’m sure there is some funny metaphor in there somewhere about childlike faith starting by putting everything in your mouth.

Now I shall leave you with some Christmas cheer:

Don’t worry, this was last Christmas, now we know better than to dress her up. Heaven forbid she stop eating and require more force feeding!

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