Merry Christmas!

I think Hannah is trying to send her Christmas greetings as well, or she is just kicking me for funzies.

We had a fantastic holiday. Adam’s sister Kelly came down on Tuesday night and we got to hang out, she lives and goes to school in Alaska so we don’t get to see her very often so it was a special treat. She even let us borrow some of her artists ability to frost cookies. =) Christmas Eve we were joined by Adam’s mom, brother Josh, his Fiancee Shy and their 2 kids and friend Kevin. We exchanged gifts, went to the Christmas eve service at our church and then had Pizza at Papa’s. Apparently half of Eugene has pizza on Christmas Eve, the place was packed. My parents, Lorna, Max, Annette and Henry joined us for church and Papas. It was neat to have everyone together and to catch up with Adam’s family. Josh, Shy, Kevin and the kids headed back north after dinner. The rest of us went to enjoy some dessert at my parents. The cookies Kelly frosted were delish!

Christmas morning we did a gift exchange here with Kelly and Marlene. Adam is super excited about his new bike trainer so he can ride his bike in the house as a workout. Convenient for all those days when it is freezing outside and I won’t let him ride to work on the ice since he doesn’t have health insurance. (I’m so demanding!) I am most excited about my new pouch to wear Hannah in. Kelly gave us an amazing picture she captured of the Northern Lights in Alaska, so now we get to find a spot in our house to hang it.

Then we headed over to my parents for more fun and festivities. Henry gave Hannah a really nice set of wood blocks. My parents got Adam and I got the jog stroller we really wanted and Adam had fun assembling it with my dad. Then my mom and I took it for a walk to help Chloe get used to it. She did really good, except for the times when mom’s puppy Rosie pushed her into it and she got her little toes run over. Chloe is such a baby. Rosie is learning to walk on her new gentle leader and doing very well, way less rubbing her face on the ground than Dash and Chloe did while learning.

Adam and I played settlers of Catan with my parents, which was very fun. We watched Monsters Inc. (my new blu-ray version), it was really fun to see it so high def. We ate tons and ton of treats and snacks, and played with all our presents and generally had a fantastic day. Hannah wanted to be the center of attention so she somehow caused me to have the worlds loudest stomach growling sounds. We were hoping it was because she was making her exit, but no such luck.

Yesterday my mom and I braved the crowds and went to the mall and old navy. It’s fun to shop sales when you’re not in any kind of hurry and don’t need anything in particular. Hopefully all the walking will encourage Hannah to hurry up and come!

Today I slept in. I was sure I’d slept until at least 3 pm, so I was a little disappointed when it was only 11am, haha. Funny how 11am seems like sleeping forever, just a few months of working 8-5 and getting up before 7am and I’ve adjusted my whole body clock. Soon we’ll have a little one that will totally readjust it again. =)

I’ve got to get off the computer now so Adam can use it to try and jailbreak my iphone so I can keep using it as a tiny laptop. I stupidly installed a new update and managed to lock it, opps.

Please be sending us baby having vibes. We’re ready. =)

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