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Friday Hannah and I went for our second jog with Poppy, we’re still on the first week of training which is running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds.

Saturday morning Adam joined us for another run, and our dogs came too. I was having a hard time keeping up with Adam and my dad, I figured it was just because they’re in better shape than me, but I think it was really because I was sick, more on that later.  Marlene came to hang with Hannah and us, she kept Hannah entertained so I could have a nap which was great. Then we went to target to return a bottle warmer (turns out they aren’t any easier than just hot water on the stove) and use a gift card. After target we went to costco. Adam and Marlene made dinner, yummers. Marlene went home after dinner. I’d been feeling exhausted but thought it was because of the run and the nap (naps often make me feel worse). I took my temperature and realized I had a fever, it was up to 101 by the time I went to bed. I felt better the next morning, but still not great.

Sunday we had our first new parent group meeting at church. It was small but really fun just to chat with other new parents. Hannah and I went and hung out at my parents with my mom while Adam and my dad went to costco to get toilets. We’ve been waiting for costco to have toilets since we saw them a few months ago, we needed to replace ours, and costco had a great deal on dual flush toilets so we can save some on our water bill. My parents were great about encouraging me to call the doctor on call at my OB’s office and ask if I had mastitis, which she said I did. So Adam went and got me some antibiotics and we vegged at my parents. It was great to have so much help, Hannah was well entertained between feedings.

Monday Hannah and I got Adam at work to use our free breakfast rain check from last tuesday, then Adam took us back to my parents to veg and rest while Adam was at work. Then after work Adam picked us up and he installed the new toilet in our full bath. We used our pony express giftcard that Jeff got us as a baby present, very fun because we got to choose a restaurant and pick anything off the menu and they delivered it. We got mexican food from Chapala’s, it was very yummy. I had chicken fajitas, delightful.

Tuesday I was feeling a lot better and went to bible study in the morning. The Lorna and I hung out. I thought Hannah’s burps were smelling weird and Lorna pointed out that me eating onions could make her breath smell like onions, weird! We used the steak from Saturday night to make steak quesadillas for dinner. Then we gave Hannah a bath. I’m not brave enough to do it myself yet. She doesn’t seem to hate it all that much when we have the water running on her, but she hates when we pull her out and dry her, we try and get her warm really fast, but by then she’s really worked up and hard to calm.

Hannah didn’t do a whole lot of sleeping last night. Adam took the car to work since I figured we’d still be sleeping and wouldn’t go to birth to three, but Hannah woke up as soon as Adam walked out the door and hasn’t wanted to go back to sleep until now, and it’s 10:30am. I’m hoping we’ll just have a quiet day. I should stop blogging and try and nap with her. =)


  • Aunt Annette

    So where do you hide your Super Woman uniform when I am around? Seriously!!! Running with Mastitis? I was in bed, shaking like a leaf, and trying to stay conscious long enough to feed Henry. lol

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