laid off

I went to work yesterday same as always and the program director asked to talk to me. I figured maybe she was going to give me some feedback or something. Instead she told me that because of the low numbers of clients, they are laying me off. They’re going to let me work through August 1st so I have health insurance through the end of August. So as of August 2nd, I’ll be unemployed.

I really wasn’t expecting it, they didn’t give me any idea when they hired me that they might not need me in a couple months. The director said I could work “on call” for the next few months and maybe get my job back in October. I was too busy trying not to cry to tell her that I didn’t need a paycheck, what I really need is health insurance.

Luckily they had too many people scheduled for my shift (the reason I’m being let go) so I got permission to leave. My parents were nice enough to come get me (the truck is in the shop) so I could hang out at their house till Adam got done with work. I cried a little more, Yoshi bit me until I stopped so that was a good motivator, haha.

Adam pointed out that this could be a really good thing. The work was really stressful, and the shifts were awkward. He also figured out that I’d make more with unemployment checks then I currently do, silly government. I’m going to apply for a few of the other looking glass openings today, and see what happens. Adam’s insurance starts October 1st, and he can put me on that, so I’d only have a month without insurance, which is very doable.

Weird monday. I’m so thankful that I lost my job and not Adam.


  • Lorna Ailsa

    will you get unemployment? cause don’t you have to be working there past your 90 day period to collect unemployment? that really is annoying. i’m sorry hun=(

  • Kristi

    Oh wow πŸ™ I’m sorry to hear that! I’ll be praying something comes up fast with insurance for Sept. Ben & Shan are in a similar boat, thankfully when NCU laid Ben off they let him keep insurane through when the baby was born, but as of Aug 1st they are all uninsured. Not a fun situation. I’ll be praying!!

  • adam

    She didn’t make lunch today πŸ™ at least not for me … j/k

    Rachel :

    Boo but oh yes for the heels and pearls… making the lunch like a true wife. ;)


  • kate

    Hey, I ‘m not unemployed yet. Make your own lunch! hahaha. Let’s be honest, he loves that I don’t make him a lunch now cause that means her gets to go out for lunch, yummers.

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