Just kidding

We thought she was all better, but she’s not.

She woke us up crying at 4:45 this morning with 105 fever, but after some Tylenol, consultation with our peds 24-hour nurse hotline and watching Micky mouse clubhouse in just a diaper it was down to 103.7, the nurse said to call the ped and take her in the morning. H went back to sleep before 6 and woke up fever free at 8. She was pretty cheerful, just a little less hungry than usual. So we didn’t call the doc. She woke up from her morning nap pretty crank and was back up to 101, but that seemed like no big deal compared to 105.

By 1 she was creeping up past 103 so I called the doc. Usually the office is really fast at getting back to me, but it took a few return phone calls on the part of this antsy mom to get an answer. The fever hit 104.7, but again after medicine it went back down. She’s scheduled for an appointment at 7 tonight, which Adam will be braving without me since I have to work, luckily my dad is going with him. This will be her first doctors visit that i wont be the for. It sounded like they might do try and see if she a UTI which would involve placing a catheter, hopefully they have a device to hold her still for that, she is a mighty strong little gal. I knew she was feeling sick this afternoon when she let me take her temperature without a fight.

The biggest bummer is that my sister-in-law and nieces are in town and we can’t hang out since H may have the plague. Hopefully we’ll get it figured out tonight and it’s not something contagious and they can play.

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