I have an interview with another branch of the agency I used to work for, this one is a school for youth with mental illnesses that keep them from doing well in public school.  don’t have much experience working directly with differently-abled youth, but I’m always happy to learn.

Chloe has recovered quickly and is back to normal. We have switched from free-feeding the dogs to giving them food twice a day. It’s hard because they keep trying to switch bowls and eat each others food, which would be fine because it’s the same food, but Dash is supposed to eat more, not Chloe, our resident chub.

I’ve been trying to keep busy, going to curves to workout, taking the dogs to the park everyday, and keeping the house clean. I’m hoping that I can actually get good at cleaning, since I figure the baby shouldn’t live in filth, so I need to get in the habit of cleaning. Plus I see some clients for volunteer counseling at the church, which is good experience and nice to actually use my skills.

Adam got to feel our little bug kick last night for the first time. It was fun, he didn’t believe it at first and asked me to flex, then he confirmed that wasn’t what he felt. He’d get all excited and then I’d laugh, making my belly flex, then she’d kick again, and the whole cycle would start again. It was the most kicking she’s ever done in a row, which I figure probably is demonstrating her early affinity for Adam. I’m looking forward to when we can actually see her move from the outside.

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