I’m terrible at unemployment

Yesterday I took Adam to work and the dogs to day care (we’re weaning them off slowly, and they can use up a lot more energy there without getting as filthy when it’s raining). Then I swept, vacuumed, did laundry, went to water aerobics, saw a counseling client at church, opened a bank account at the local credit union and picked Adam up. We went back to the bank and signed more papers, then got the dogs and home for hamburger helper (my specialty, haha). Adam worked hard finishing cutting the trim for Hannah’s room and the guest room and part of the kitchen. I cleaned the bathrooms and even learned that we had some super strong paint remover from when we were shellacking the sub floors that worked to get the paint stains of the linoleum in the bathroom. I got to give in to my bizarre nesting urges by cleaning the ceiling fan and the dishwasher buttons. Then Adam and I watched the last of a movie we’d started earlier and I went to bed.

Today I took Adam to work, got home fed the dogs and started some laundry. Called insurance to ask if they cover breast pumps and how to get Hannah insured. Talked to my friends in Carolina. Called Vanguard to try and figure out how to consolidate all the retirement accounts I have from my different employers. Apparently everyone is trying to do this because their call volume was soo high I have to call back later to talk to the department I need. I’m excited to get it all sorted out, since taxes have been a nightmare for Adam these last few years because of it, and now it’s my turn to do taxes.

Then I wrapped some presents that need to be mailed and got the addresses so I can take them to the post office. Now I’m just hanging out waiting to see if Lorna and I are doing water aerobics today. Then hanging with mom this afternoon and doing some errands. I need to go to home depot and get Adam some more trim to finish the kitchen, and the store to get food. I also need a little piece of sturdy fabric (maybe denim?) to cover the springs on the glider rocker, then it’ll be done!!!!

Adam’s sister is coming tonight to hang out with us, so that’ll be super fun. Adam just has to nail gun the trim to the wall in the guest room so he can push all the furniture back against the walls. Then she’ll have someplace to sleep.

For now I’m off to try logging in to our new online bank account so we can start switching stuff over. =)

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  • Kristi

    That sounds like the kind of stuff I get accomplished on my “day off” I don’t have the time to watch TV all the time like I did in college!

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