House Transformation

Adam and my dad worked their tushies off this last week, and David joined them this weekend and they accomplished even more. By the time I got home from TN they had finished scraping the ceilings, shellacking the sub floor and even painted most of the ceilings. They also were joined by Paul on Saturday who brought his house building expertise and helped them patch the drywall where they had removed a wall in the kitchen.

Sunday after I got home Adam and David finished painting all the ceilings, and Dad and I painted the guest room and baby’s room. We are just cruising along!

For this week what we have left is painting the living/dining/hallway/kitchen (all kind of the same area) and painting the master bedroom. Installing the laminate in the above mentioned common space and replacing the baseboards. We’re getting the carpet installed Friday and then we’ll be replacing the bedroom baseboards. Then we get to move in!!!!

There is lots of other stuff we’re looking forward to doing once we move in, but it’s not super important right now. (Painting bathrooms, replacing cabinet pulls, replacing sinks and toilets, etc, etc.)

We’re looking for moving helpers this weekend if anyone is available. =)

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