House Transformation Log: Day 5

Today was pretty sweet even though my neck, arms and shoulders are probably going to be sore tomorrow from looking up at the ceiling and scraping for 3 hours. In that time span I got the master bedroom and the baby’s room scraped so that there is no more popcorn left in them (except the master closet, I will have to get that tomorrow). I thought it would take way longer. Every time I told someone I was going to take the popcorn ceiling off, they always had the general reaction of “that is going to suck and take forever”. I am just psyched that I got more than a 1/4 of the house scraping done and it looks really good.

Tomorrow when I scrape out the guest room that I hope you all get to stay in at some point, I will take pictures. It is crazy to see the amount of material that hits the ground from the ceiling. I could make ceiling material angels if I wanted. I wonder what the material actually is. Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering the ceiling doesn’t have asbestos in it, I know that much.

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