House Transformation Log: Day 2

Tonight wasn’t the best night for remodeling. A few issues stood in my way:

  • I got busy after work and started late
  • My plan changed because the asbestos test results are not in yet
  • I wasn’t really prepared for removing linoleum

Removing the linoleum required hammering and is very time consuming. Since I didn’t get started until about 8:15pm I didn’t want to hammer for very long. I don’t want to annoy my neighbors before I even move in 🙂 After a little bit of linoleum removing Kate’s dad and I thought there has to be a better way. That is when the extra piece of particle board in the kitchen looked very interesting. We always knew it was there, but started toying around with the idea of just taking it off. If we took it off it would produce a much nicer result and we wouldn’t have to worry about the laminate. It was nearing 9pm so we called it quits and we will look into removing the extra piece of particle board tomorrow.

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