House Transformation Log: Day 1

Today was the first day of the remodel. After work, I went to Kate’s parent’s house and borrowed some tools. Then immediately went over to the new place and get started. First, I like to open all the windows, because cat urine remnants are still hanging around. It is also nice to get some cool air flowing through the house. Next, I started pulling out the carpet. That was pretty quick and easy.

After Kate had stopped out home to take care of the dogs she brought me some dinner. Yay Pizza! We ate and then we went our separate ways. Kate had water aerobics and I had to pickup some stuff at Costco. When I got back I started ripping out the gross carpet padding. Kate’s parents showed up shortly after that and her dad and I cleared out the rest of the padding. Meanwhile Kate’s mom was trimming back some of the plants in the back yard.

After the padding was out, Ron and I pulled out all the tacks and swept the floors clean. The next step will be making sure all the staples and debris are off of the sub floor in the daylight and either priming the sub floor or scraping off the popcorn ceiling.


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