House inspection

The inspection on the house went great! There were no pest or dry rot issues at all. There were a few tiny things, like the dirt needing to be swept away from the bottom of the house so it’s 6 inches below the siding, and one toilet needing a new wax ring, but nothing major. We will write a new contract tomorrow, but the only things we’re planning to ask the seller to do is a furnace maintenance, have the bricks at the top of the chimney reset, and the gas inset repaired (it wasn’t working today), and replace a window in one bedroom that is not longer sealed. Overall a pretty reasonable list. It was so nice to hear the home inspectors say that we can be confident buying this house, that everything is sound.

Now our mortgage broker will schedule an appraisal, and if it appraises for what we offered, and the seller agrees to make the fixes we’ve requested, we’ll be set to close on September 16th. I’m getting more excited knowing this might really happen. Wahoo!


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