my feet are hot, ew.

I left work a little early so the dogs wouldn’t need to be alone for the entire 8 hours. Adam is up in Monmoth visiting Jeff in his pimp new RD apartment. Now I’ve placed the fans strategically in the windows and am waiting for the inside temperature to drop and meet the outside temperature. 11 degrees to go.

The belly bump must be getting more obvious because the clients where I work have started asking about it. I have successfully avoided the question or changed the subject 3 times now, but I think eventually they will catch on that I’m not answering them. I won’t mind them knowing, but they are especially good at using anything they know about you against you when they’re mad. so I’m imagining something along the lines of, “You’re just taking my points because your pregnant!!!” hahahahahaha. Funny girls.

I’m getting so much good practice at being the bad cop, I’ll be set for the teenage years, now I guess I should get some experince with a child under the age of 14. If your 6 month old won’t stop crying you just tell them to go to their room and take their ipod and cell phone right?

Today we went and saw 4 houses. One was a surprise duplex, we had a good laugh with the realtor about that one. One was in a cute neighborhood, but the layout was terrible. I think they had added on a bunch of rooms so you kept turning corners and going up and down single steps and popping out into new spaces, awkward. One had a fantastic garden, but no grass, so not dog friendly, plus it already had an offer and we don’t want to have a bid war.

We saw one we like a lot. It’s on a panhandle lot, which I guess means it’s a lot behind someone else house, so pretty far off the street. It has a gravel drive that goes down past someones house, then you pop out in front of the house. It’s on a really small lot, but the house in brand new, with great fixtures and such. The drawbacks are that it’s on a small lot, only has one garage, and is on a panhandle. It’s been on the market for 4 months, so it might be hard to resell, and none of those factors are things we can change. So we’d have to decide if a different market might make it easier to resell, and if we could offer a much lower price then they are asking. Luckily we don’t have to rush anything about it.

Tomorrow we help with the middle school group at church. Then I’ve got work at 3.

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