Home Owners!

So yesterday we got the keys to our new home, horay!!!!!!!

We’re so excited to get to work on it, fix it up a little and move in. Adam is heading straight over from work tonight to rip out the remaining carpet and padding and shellac the sub floor. Then over the next week or two he’ll scrape the popcorn off the ceilings, we’ll paint the whole interior and lay laminate everywhere but the bedrooms, and lastly, have the carpet put in the bedrooms. Then we can move in. Adam took tons of before pictures so we’ll post them and keep you update on our progress.

The only trick will be trying to keep adam focused on the tasks indoors, since yesterday he was having a grand time in the yard finding spiders that had caught bugs and watching them wrap and eat their prey. EW! Maybe he’ll post a picture of his favorite spider for you.

I’m trying to get over a gross cough that started last weekend. Going to bed really early and drinking tons of fluid. I want to be fully recovered before I leave for my conference in Nashville, TN next Tuesday.  Weird to have worked only 2 weeks, and both of them 4 days weeks, and then be leaving for a week. Nice that my employer made that exception so I could still go to the conference. Its cool how they have things set up here so everyone is covered in case they are gone.

Adam’s work finally got the results from the drug screen he had to do on Tuesday, so he actually got to go work today. Hopefully he’s learning lots and enjoying figuring out a new work culture. We had fun on Monday going to Value Village (like goodwill), they were having a 50% sale, so it was crazy. We just tried on shirts over our clothes since the line for changing rooms was super long. Adam got 5 work shirts and I got 4 maternity shirts, all for less than $35, pretty cool. He’s sporting an orange dress shirt today in honor of us being beavers living living in duck town. Maybe I’ll find something orange to wear tomorrow since Saturday is a UO  day and a few of my co-workers are pretty big fans.

Okay, back to the staff manual and more learning. =)

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